Aerial Drone Filming & Photography Service

Affordable drone photography and video packages available for any industry.

Our services

We provide affordable drone photography and video service packages that are tailored to your specific industry needs. Tell us where you would like aerial photography, videography, mapping, or data collection, and we take care of the rest. Our proprietary shot lists have been perfected over tens of thousands of drone flights.

Commercial Real Estate

Sell real estate listings faster and attract more clients by showcasing your commercial property from the air. High quality aerial footage - such as panoramas, images, and video tours - illustrate your properties’ proximity to nearby amenities, roads, and features.

Property Management

Our proprietary flight plans include thorough roof & equipment inspections, landscape review, parking lot & common area maintenance, investor & regulatory due diligence, natural disaster outcome, marketing & sales, and many more.

Architecture & Construction

Track, map, survey, inspect, and manage your worksite projects with Go Drone Zone. Construction drone photography and aerial data is the innovative solution to deliver sophisticated analytics or provide a visual progress report to stakeholders.

Parks & Resorts

Go Drone Zone provides high quality aerial footage for parks and resorts to show potential visitors the entire landscape of the property. Let us help you bring your project to life.

Property Development

Aerial panoramas, high quality images, and videos illustrate proximity to nearby amenities and elevate your offering memoranda. If you are developing a new property GoDrone Zone is the perfect partner to help you build the best presentation possible.

Shopping Centers

GoDrone Zone is the nationwide leader of drone services in your retail and shopping centers. From marketing new locations, to analyzing construction sites, to inspecting roof tops, and parking areas. 

Tons of Experience…

We are a highly experienced and qualified team of experts and have worked with countless organizations to help them refine their online presence and reach a wider audience. We know what works and what doesn’t and are committed to providing excellent service and transparent communication in everything that we do.

When you choose YourName, you choose a company that you can trust with your brand.

We understand how integral your website and digital marketing are to your business and that’s why we work tirelessly to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the end result. Your satisfaction is our number one concern which is why so many clients are happy to use our services time and again.

From Professionals Who Understand Your Business

Let us impress you with our work and develop a relationship that will make your first and every project a snap.


Get premium quality aerial photos & video captured by one of our vetted and experienced professional drone photographers. We provide our pilots with necessary training to get it right the first time and on time.

We take the time necessary to understand your business objectives prior to launching any project. We understand that not all projects and properties are alike and that a cookie-cutter template won’t always work for you.

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